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Summer is right around the corner. Whether you are on vacation or simply taking a day trip, the beach will most likely be one of your favorite spots this summer.

We are sure you have the basics covered, but we thought of a few cool beach essentials you should take with you to your favorite waterfront.

Here are 6 Beach Essentials you didn’t know you needed.

1. Pop Up Beach Tent

This Pop Up Beach Tent sets up in seconds. The tent features sun blocking polyester fabric. Mesh design for ventilation and sand pouches to keep it from flying away.  It’s lightweight, portable and a must have for any beach goer.


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2. Insulated Cups

These double walled insulates stainless steel tumblers are perfect for keeping your drink cold but also great for keeping the sand out. These tumblers are made of premium grade BPA Free Stainless Steel.


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3. Magic Beach Mat

These Beach Mats are designed to keep the sand out. Lay down on the sand with confidence and having to worry about the pesky sand getting all over the place. Use with your favorite beach towel for extra comfort.


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4. Wet / Dry Beach Bag

Keep your wet clothes separate from your dry ones with this unique and stylish backpack. It comes in several colors to choose from.


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5. Water resistant speakers

Water resistant, portable, Bluetooth speakers are a perfect companion to any beach outing. Bring your favorite tunes with you at all times.


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6. Wooden Sunglasses 



Eco-friendly, handcrafted wooden sunglasses are perfect for any day at the beach. K-OBA Eyewear has a great collection of polarized wooden sunglasses to choose from at great prices

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Are you ready for summer? What did you think of our list? Leave your comment below. We would love to hear from you.