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Hi, thanks for stopping by.  My name is Joey P. I was born in Hoboken New Jersey and about 20 years ago my dad decided to move the family to Puerto Rico. 

I immediately fell in love with the island.  The food, the people , the    Beaches. Whats not to love.  I live in a year long summer retreat with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world !

A few years ago, I decided to leave my 20 plus year career in logistics to open my own business. So together with my wife, we started      K-OBA Eye wear. 

At we believe that what individuals wear is defined by the unique     and constantly evolving nature of each person. We capture your    authentic style in every piece we create.

Our products

Inspired in Puerto Rico

All of our products are created with quality, style, and our                      environment in mind. We get out inspirations from the Puerto Rico      and all the beauty this island has to offer. From the sandy beaches to the green rain forest. 

Our brand’s name K-OBA ,  is inspired in the mighty Caoba tree,           a fixture in Puertorican fauna.


The use of natural materials with a focus on detail is what makes each one of-a-kind design unique. On the journey from conception through to production, each pair of K-OBA sunglasses is nurtured with the utmost love and passion.
We are committed to offer our customers a product of the highest    quality. 


  1. Bamboo and wood sunglasses for men and women
  2. Sturdy, eco-friendly all-natural wood frames
  3. Ultra-lightweight   
  4. Polarized, scratch-resistant, UV400 lenses
  5. High quality flex hinges for a comfortable fit
  6. Beautifully handcrafted  
  7. Made of natural wood 


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